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Back Pain Tips From A Santa Cruz Chiropractor

back pain tips

If there is one body part that most people seem to have problems with at some point in life, it’s definitely the back. Back pain is such a common part of modern life that many people just accept it as normal and try to get by as best they can. Obviously, anybody in the chiropractic profession or people with knowledge of the human body knows that almost all of the time back pain is not mandatory in any way. Therapy from a chiropractor will help tremendously, but you can also help yourself. Here are some effective back pain tips from our chiropractors:

Tips from a Chiropractor

Watch How You Lift

Poor lifting technique is a frequent cause of lower back strains and sprains, therefore it’s very important to observe appropriate form when lifting heavy items. Regardless of what you’re lifting, try to keep your back straight and use your legs to perform the majority of the job. Frequently if we get exhausted, the thighs have been used less and less, but you are asking to get a back injury should you quit using your legs. If you have to turn, move your feet until your body is facing the right direction.

Proper Nutrition

A majority of individuals don’t think about nutrition as an important element to good spinal health, but it is. Drinking a great deal of water and eating healthy foods can help keep fat off your waist. Carrying extra weight on your gut induces an imbalance, putting pressure on the muscles in your back daily. If you suffer back pain and have more weight on your gut, try to change your diet to decrease the load on your spine.

Sensible Exercise

Exercise is a very important part of good health for many different reasons, but it is also a way to injure your spine if you don’t exercise correctly. Whatever kind of exercise you choose, take an opportunity to warm up correctly ahead of time and cool down when you are done. A lot of people wish to simply jump in and get started lifting weights or playing a sport, however your back muscles will be tight and cold. Find an exercise that is inside your physical fitness range and protect your spine before, during and afterwards.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Generally speaking, individuals sit a lot more than they used to. Many professions require long hours in a computer and it may take a toll on your health. The human body was made to move, so if you sit all day long you are compressing the disks in your spine. Obviously everyone can’t just switch careers, but you can get up and walk about a little every hour through the day to take off some pressure.

If you’d like more back pain prevention tips or assistance with back pain, contact our Santa Cruz chiropractic team today.

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