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Do You Have Back Pain?

If you are living with chronic back pain, then chiropractic treatment in Santa Cruz can help. In their lifetime, almost everyone will experience some form of back pain, whether it be mildly irritating or completely crippling. The back is comprised of many ligaments, tendons, discs, muscles and bones. Without a strong understanding of how these components, it can be complicated to identify the source of back pain and correct the problem. In the most extreme cases of back pain, it can be. Whatever the degree of pain you are experiencing, we can help take it away. This article will describe some of the causes of back pain, and how you can restore your back to full health through chiropractic treatment.

Disc Bulges and Herniations in Santa Cruz

Disc bulges and herniations occur when the outer edges of the discs located between the vertebrae of the spine are damaged. This causes the jelly-like center of the discs to be pushed out or bulge. This issue is surprisingly common, and it is often very painful. However, there are conditions in which people have this condition and feel no pain at all. The quality and intensity of the pain is dependent on the type of herniation and where it is located. The pain can be especially severe if the damaged disc irritates a surrounding nerve.

In order to prevent additional damage to the body, it is important that disc bulges and hernations be dealt with quickly. A Santa Cruz Chiropractor will thoroughly assess the state of the back to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate method of treatment.


The term “sublaxation” refers to a misalignment in the vertebral column. This can be caused by factors such as physical stress, trauma, and the presence of toxins in the body. Sublaxations are frequently painful and can cause the disruption of normal movement. They are most frequently one of the most overlooked contributors when it comes to back pain.

Muscle Sprains and Tendon or Ligament Strains

Most strains and sprains occur when we engage in tasks that our body is not used to performing, or when we are involved in an accident. Performing acts such as lifting while twisting or stretching too far are common causes of sprains or strains within the back. When these occur, they can be extremely painful and can be accompanied by signs of bruising or swelling. Strains and sprains that occur in the back tend to be connected to changes in the alignment of your spine and can be treated effectively with chiropractic treatment.

Stress and Back Pain

Chronic stress can lead to hyper-tension and chronic back pain. When stress hormones are released by the body they can trigger muscle tension and spasms. Tension can accumulate within locations called trigger points, which can be extremely painful and require professional treatment to resolve. Chiropractors know how to relieve stress from trigger points and how to treat the underlying imbalances within the nervous system that could be keeping your body locked in stress patterns.

Other Issues That Cause Back Pain

Back pain has been shown to be caused by conditions like obesity, arthritis, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. These are all serious health problems that demand immediate treatment. Santa Crus chiropractic doctors are trained to identify these issues and can help you obtain the appropriate means of treatment. If you have any further questions about how the Sawyer Chiropractic team can help you, please contact us now and schedule a consultation.

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