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Have You Been In A Car Accident?

Whiplash is a common auto injury that occurs when the head and neck are quickly whipped from back to front. The majority of car accidents are rear-end collisions with whiplash being a frequent outcome. Lots of men and women in Santa Cruz who have been involved in an accident don’t even realize they’ve received a whiplash injury until weeks or months later, when the issue becomes consistent and leads to other difficulties. However, whiplash can also develop as a result of other trauma, such as bad falls, or abuse.

If your neck was hurt in an automobile accident or any other type of incident, this article will help you identify the symptoms of a whiplash injury and how chiropractic treatment can alleviate them.

Whiplash in Santa Cruz

When a whiplash injury occurs, it can effect the spine and the surrounding soft tissue. The term “whiplash” describe the effect of initial impact, however the injury can produce outcomes such as muscle damage, herniation, disc bulges, misalignment of spine vertebrae, and pulled ligaments.

Symptoms of Whiplash from a Car Accident

Whiplash injuries can range from mild to quite severe. Injuries are far more significant if your car headrest has been positioned too low. If the impact was intense or the headrest was too low, then there is an increased chance that bones have been broken or tissue has been damaged. Even if the impact appeared to be mild, there are a wide range of symptoms and not all them may be immediately traceable to whiplash. These symptoms can include, but are not limited to, neck pain, dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty sleeping, upper back pain, tiredness and the inability to turn your head.

Even in the event that you were cleared by a physician, your pain may be linked to whiplash and you might require treatment to fix the issue. In the event that you have suffered a recent injury it is important to get your spine checked as soon as possible. The earlier that you begin treatment, the lower the chance that the issue will develop into a long-term problem.

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Since the majority of whiplash incidents impact the spine and surrounding nervous systems, chiropractic treatment is the best avenue for treatment. Chiropractic doctors are proficient in analyzing the origin pain related to a whiplash injury and determining a plan for successful therapeutic treatment. Chiropractic treatments for whiplash injuries are mild and noninvasive for patients. Through little alterations, individuals find great relief from the pain associated with whiplash, and are put on the path to complete recovery. To learn more, contact our staff at Sawyer Chiropractic group.

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