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Struggling with chronic pain, failed treatments, and diminished quality of life?  Dr. Sawyer understands and is here to offer the relief you need.

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Expert Chiropractic Care in Santa Cruz - Relieve Pain, Restore Health with Dr. Sawyer


How Sawyer Chiropractic Group Can Help You

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for Total Well-being

Back Pain

Offering relief from chronic back pain through spinal adjustments and personalized care plans.

Neck Pain

Providing solutions for neck discomfort and stiffness, enhancing mobility and reducing pain.

Sports Injuries

Specialized care for sports-related injuries to accelerate recovery and improve performance.


Addressing a range of general bodily discomforts, including joint pain and muscle tension, to improve overall well-being.


Managing nerve pain and tension with gentle neck and spinal adjustments for  relief and recovery.


Proactive chiropractic care aimed at maintaining spinal health, preventing injuries, and promoting overall wellness.

3 Simple Steps

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Step One

Reach Out for Immediate Help

Begin your journey to relief by calling or texting Dr. Sawyer's clinic.  Benefit from the convenience of same-day appointments to address your chiropractic needs promptly.

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Step Two

Receive Customized Care

At your appointment, you 'll experience a chiropractic experience and care plan tailored to you! Dr. Sawyer's comprehensive approach addresses your specific issue or discomfort, ensuring you get the most effective care for your needs.


Step Three

Feel the Difference

Although individual results may vary, step into a journey of potential relief and improvement. Feel reassured knowing you've chosen a dedicated chiropractor committed to your well-being, and look forward to a path of recovery and enhanced health.

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Embrace Wellness, Leave Pain Behind

Resilience and Healing:

The Dr. Sawyer Story

Dr. Sawyer's Journey: From Surfer to Chiropractic Mentor
Dr. Scott Sawyer,  a lifetime surfer born and raised in Santa Cruz,  became inspired by his mother's dedication as a nurse and decided to spend his life helping others heal. His background as an active surfer led him to be a chiropractor, so he could help others maintain their active lives. In Santa Cruz, he met Debra, struggling with chronic back pain after a car accident. Using his advanced chiropractic methods, he not only alleviated her pain but also empowered her with wellness strategies. Today, Debra lives pain-free, grateful for the care and guidance that transformed her health and life.
Decades of Chiropractic Expertise - Over 25 Years
Innovator in Spinal Health and CNS Restoration
Alumnus of World's Premier Chiropractic College
Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Technologies
Mentor to the Next Generation of Chiropractors
Dedicated to Santa Cruz Community Wellness
Customers served! 0 +  patients Helped Over 25 Years
Customers served! 0 +  CHIROPRACTORS Trained OVER 25 YEARS

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Embrace Wellness, Leave Pain Behind

A Tale of Two Outcomes 

Your Health, with and without Sawyer Chiropractic Group
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  • Discover a Balanced Approach to Wellness with Dr. Sawyer
  • Embrace a More Active Lifestyle with Chiropractic Care
  • Find Your Path to Improved Well-Being
  • Experience Personalized Care for Everyday Comfort
  • Enhance Your Body's Natural Healing with Expert Chiropractic Methods
  • Journey Towards Greater Mobility and Flexibility
  • Unlock the Potential for a More Energetic Life
  • Navigate Towards a Future of Enhanced Health
  • Cultivate Lasting Well-being with Holistic Chiropractic Techniques
  • Step Into a World of Improved Physical Harmony
Your Other Options
  • Attempting Self-Treatment: Risking further injury or ineffective results
  • Ignoring the Problem: Allowing conditions to worsen over time.
  • Focusing Solely on Symptoms: Failing to address underlying causes.
  • Choosing Unqualified Care: Receiving substandard treatment.

Don't let this happen to you! 

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Embrace Wellness, Leave Pain Behind

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