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The Sitting Epidemic In Santa Cruz

sitting epidemic

Lower back pain is a frequent complaint for people who sit for extended intervals. The vast majority of workers work out of a desk and are not able to move around during the day. Chiropractors at our chiropractic practice in Santa Cruz have regularly urged individuals who sit for extended amounts of time to get up and move around.

Lately, the American Medical Association has acknowledged this problem and has implemented approaches to alter this problem for workers. They’ve lobbied companies to make different arrangements for workers so they won’t suffer with lower back pain due to sitting.

A Country of Obese Sitters

Regrettably, sitting for extended stretches of time has caused lots of individuals to become overweight and have health-related issues. There are too many tasks that the average person participates in that needs sitting. Whether you’re eating, watching TV, running, playing a video game, driving, or even browsing the Internet, you are probably sitting.

Research at Duke University reasoned that workers using a BMI of over 40 registered twice as many employee compensation claims. This research also concluded that their medical bills were 7 percent higher than those with a lower BMI, and that they were likely to miss work 13 times more than the average worker who did not suffer from obesity.

Tools To Help Fight The Sitting Epidemic

The American Heart Association is promoting a new apparatus to help fight obesity by preventing individuals from sitting for extended intervals. This gadget is a telephone app named Hotseat, created by Fran Melmed. This program works by placing the device to sync with a individual’s work program. The program may be set to permit the user to take different 2 minute breaks every day.

Another helpful tool that’s been implemented is known as the treadmill desk to assist in reducing back pain. The treadmill desk is a part of the worker’s work station, and they’ll have the ability to continue to work while exercising on the treadmill. Other approaches to lower the odds of lower back pain are walks after meals and parking farther away from the door at work.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact our chiropractic team at Sawyer Chiropractic Group today.

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