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At What Age Do People Start Feeling Lower Lumbar Pain? 

lumbar back pain

As experienced Santa Cruz chiropractors, we can tell you that you are not alone when it comes to having lower back pain at a young age, and that your discomfort may or may not be all that serious. 

In fact, we’ve found that there are many instances where all a young person needs to do is make minor adjustments in things like posture, the way they sleep etc., to alleviate their lower lumbar pain.

Am I Too Young To Have Lower Lumbar Pain? 

Having lower back pain (that has likely been caused over time by not developing habits such as applying lower lumbar support when necessary) is something that some young adults freak out about. 

“I’m getting old!” they begin to think. And, that may very well be true! But, many times, the solution is just them consciously practicing better posture and doing things like supporting their lower back when they are sitting for long periods of time.

Lower back pain can be felt by people as young as thirty years old according to Penn Medicine, and they point out that there are three main kinds of lower back pain. They are (1) radicular pain, (2) non-specific muscular pain, and (3) muscle spasms. With us as your local Santa Cruz chiropractors, you are just a short drive away from alleviating that aggravating, lingering discomfort. 

Contact Us at Sawyer Chiropractic Today for Lower Back Pain Relief

Harbor Health Center compares taking care of your lower back to trying to stop smoking, in that you can never start doing it too early. That being said, make sure you are sitting up straight when in front of the computer, and always have some type of lower lumbar support when you do.

For folks who do lots of lifting and/or physical work, it would be smart to utilize a back brace regularly to alleviate your lower back pain. For any other questions about your lower back pain, feel free to contact us today at Sawyer Chiropractic

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