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Why Some Patients Need a Chiropractor After Going to the Gym

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Chiropractors who have been in this profession long enough know that people who work out don’t always know what they’re doing. That being said, let’s take a look at how you can take the proper precautions at the gym and get in shape the proper way without hurting yourself in the process.

Gym Injuries That Can Be Avoided 

We’ve all seen people who try to show off at the gym. But, as seasoned Santa Cruz chiropractors, we barely get the real story from our patients as to what really happened that resulted in them hurting themselves. 

The truth is, sometimes, a guy may try to impress a nearby woman by attempting to lift weight that he knows in his heart he can’t. But, it goes both ways, because there are also times when a lady may try to do too much, such as attempting challenging yoga stretching exercises she’d never done before, resulting in her pulling a muscle.

What Chiropractors Say About Gym Injuries

The International Spine Institute points out specific mistakes that both of the above  examples mirror, errors that can be easily avoided with just a little more attention to detail about what your individual body can actually handle. 

The guy, for example, probably does have the ability to lift that large amount of weight, but he should have eased into it instead of jumping to the heaviest barbells  spontaneously at the beginning of his workout. He’d also benefit from wearing helpful weightlifting equipment, such as a back brace, to avoid potential injuries.

The lady in the above example (who may now need to see a local chiropractor because of overstretching during her intense yoga session) has now learned the hard lesson of simply allowing her arms, legs, and back muscles to gradually warm up before attempting to go into those harder yoga poses.

For Gym Related Injuries, Contact Your Devoted Santa Cruz Chiropractors

If you’ve recently hurt yourself while working out, don’t feel bad…you’re definitely not alone. Instead, give us a call today at Sawyer Chiropractic Group. We’ll get to the bottom of how you got injured in the first place, and take steps to make sure you don’t do it again!

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