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Low Back Pain for Teens

Just like adults, teens can get low-back pain. This could be from sports, growing pains, or too much tv time. Whatever the reason, low back pain can hinder a teenagers daily life. For some adolescents, back pain is intermittent, but for others, it’s a chronic problem.

Characteristics of Back Pain in Teens

Depending on the underlying cause, back pain can show a number of characteristics. Generally, back pain has the following characteristics in most cases.

  • In the initial stages, back pain in childhood and adolescence typically occurs with low intensity, and the pain commonly lasts for less than a week.
  • There is usually a high rate of recurrence of back pain within this specific age group.
  • When the pain recurs, it typically resurges with greater intensity.

These symptoms can cause moodiness, poor concentration and in school.

The good news is that chiropractic care for adolescents is very effective at addressing these issues. Doctors of chiropractic do a thorough examination and history to discover the source of your child’s concerns. They use gentle chiropractic adjustments, and educate on exercise, nutrition, stress management, and preventative measures to prevent pain and discomfort. If your teen suffers from pain or other health issues, contact us for a check-up at 831.457.2000 in Santa Cruz, California. It’s better to stop the problem at its source and prevent a lifetime pattern of neck, back pain and headaches.

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