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What to Do About Vertigo

Many people with vertigo seek out a Santa Cruz chiropractor and find the help they need to improve their condition. Vertigo is a condition characterized by dizziness, and it can make performing even the simplest functions of day to day life a struggle. A lot of people find it hard to find info about what exactly is causing their vertigo and, therefore, what the most effective available treatments are. This article will describe the common causes of vertigo and how chiropractic treatment can help you find relief.

Vertigo in Santa Cruz

Vertigo is not simply “feeling dizzy.” The term refers to a condition in which an individual perceives the objects around them as spinning and movie. It does not refer to situations in which an individual feels as if they are going to pass out or faint. Vertigo can range from simply being a mild annoyance to an indicator of a severe underlying health problem. Some of the additional symptoms associated with the disorder include blurry vision, ringing ears, trouble balancing, double vision, and frequent feelings of fatigue.

Causes of Vertigo

There are a variety of different causes for vertigo. As mentioned above, it can be an indication that a severe underlying health issue is present. Therefore if you are experiencing symptoms of vertigo, it is important to get examined by a medical professional. Vertigo frequently develops as a result of problems with the brain, spine and the inner ear. Some of the most common causes of vertigo include lack of blood flow to the brain, inner ear damage, severe headaches, misalignment in the vertebrae of the neck, and damage to ligaments in the spine. These issues disrupt the transmission of nerve signals between the brain and spine. When these signals become distorted, then they can create dizziness.

Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

Chiropractic treatment is a safe method of overcoming vertigo. Therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation that will determine the specific cause of your vertigo and the most suitable treatment procedures. Many individuals find the alterations they get from their chiropractor are all that is necessary to stabilize their nervous system and fix their vertigo. Contact our team at Sawyer Chiropractic in Santa Cruz now to learn more about potential treatments for vertigo.

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