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When your posture is bad, an experienced chiropractor here in Santa Cruz can help. And, if you have been walking, standing, and sitting slumped for a long time, then it is going to be that much harder for you to correct it and eliminate your ongoing back and neck pain because of those bad habits without help.

Signs You May Want To Have a Neck Adjustment by a Chiropractor

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) says that one reason you may be experiencing neck pain is because, well, you could be getting old! It’s a blunt statement, but, still, when it is coming from the most trusted source in chiropractic practice, and is written so plainly in the section of the association’s website labeled Neck Pain, then it may be time to take the fact that you aren’t as young as you used to be seriously!

The good news is, getting older is something that we all will do, so you’re not alone. And, some of the ailments and conditions that the ACA says causes folks in and around Santa Cruz (as well as across the country) to want to go see their trusted local chiropractor to receive a neck adjustment are joint disorders like osteoarthritis. This is where the cartilage deteriorates, and the motion of joints is hindered more and more over time.

Also, how do you stand? Do you consider yourself to have good posture? Do a quick test by looking at yourself from the side in a full-body mirror, and really pay attention to the way your back is arched, how upright and straight you actually carry your weight when you walk, as well as how your body is positioned when you sit. 

Contact Your Santa Cruz Chiropractor for a Scheduled Neck Adjustment

We look forward to seeing you, so give us a call today to schedule your toxin and stress-relieving neck adjustment from Sawyer Chiropractic. 

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