December 15

Should Kids See a Chiropractor?


It’s no question that parents worry about their children. Among the list of a parent’s concerns is making sure the child is healthy and strong. Chiropractic can be crucial to ensuring your child’s well-being.

You may be wondering if chiropractic is really safe for kids.

Chiropractic is safe for kids!

In fact, according to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), in the United States, over 17% of chiropractic patients are younger than 18 years old. Of that percentage, more than 8% of them are five years old or younger. Chiropractic is a non-invasive, safe technique to improving your child’s health and providing preventative care.

Why Children Should See a Chiropractor

Supports the Immune System

Your immune system is directly related to your spine. Your nervous system communicates through the spinal cord. When your child’s spine is out of alignment, the nervous system cannot communicate as effectively. This means that the nerve pathways are weakened which is the body’s natural mechanisms to fight illnesses.

Children do not have as strong of immune systems as adults. During sick season, a chiropractor can be beneficial to prevent catching an illness.

Improves Sleep

Children need sleep not only to function but also to grow physically and emotionally. Poor spinal health can cause the back muscles to tighten making it uncomfortable to lay in bed, fall asleep, and stay asleep. Gentle chiropractic can remove nerve interference so your child can regain a normal sleep schedule.

Improved Behavior

Just like adults, when your child’s body is in pain, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and tension. Chiropractic can improve mood and behavior by decreasing the pain. Your children should be able to enjoy life pain free.

Assists in Brain Development

Chiropractic most commonly treats the spine. If the spine is misaligned, it can lead to problems with the spinal cord. If this occurs, the nervous systems connectors are weakened, impacting brain function. Chiropractic can improve the brain’s developments, preventing ADD, hyperactivity, and other cognitive disorders.

Dr. Sawyer Chiropractic in Santa Cruz, California can provide adolescent chiropractic adjustments. Contact Dr. Sawyer’s office today for more information.


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