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Adolescents and Back Pain

adolescent and back pain

Teens and adolescents are not immune to back pain. Growing pain, sports, and imbalances can create back pain comparable to adults. For example, a teenage competing in gymnastics or golf is as vulnerable of experiencing a herniated disc as an adult. If your child is complaining about back pain, it is essential to take them to a chiropractor to seek the root of the cause.

What You Need to Know If Your Child Is Experiencing Back Pain

More than Growing Pains

During adolescence, people are growing quickly and experience growing pains. If your child complains of back pain, it may simply be a growth spurt, although it could be more serious. When the pain becomes chronic, you should bring your child to an experienced chiropractor to begin determining what may be causing the pain. Untreated back pain can become worse as an adult.

Quality of Life

Whether you are thirteen or thirty, pain impacts your quality of life. For a child in pain, every day activities such homework or playing sports may become more difficult. Seeking treatment for your child’s back pain is imperative when their life is impacted.


Jumping to painkillers to solve back pain is an unhealthy resolution. You will only be masking the pain. Also, you could be teaching your child to resort to drugs to deal with their problems rather than finding the root cause of an issue. Instead, speak with an experienced chiropractor who can adjust the spine and correct any misalignments that may be causing the pain. Mild painkillers, such as IBUprofen may be necessary but should be accompanied with treatment.

If your child is experiencing chronic back pain, it is important to seek treatment. Living in pain can cause their social and school life to suffer. Dr. Sawyer Chiropractic are experienced chiropractors in Santa Cruz, California.

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