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Knee Pain? Your Local Santa Cruz Chiropractor Can Help…

chiropractic for knee pain

There are some kinds of bodily discomfort that our Santa Cruz chiropractors realize can make your everyday life miserable, and one of them is knee pain. 

Knee Pain Treatment from Your Santa Cruz Chiropractor

You don’t have to be a seasoned chiropractor to know that there are different kinds of knee injuries. Some of the most common ones that are suffered by everyday folks who perform normal activities (such as working a physically demanding job, playing sports, or hitting the gym a few times a week) are injuries like cartilage or ligament tears.

These injuries can be caused by falling awkwardly, lifting too much at a time, an auto accident, or for many other reasons. But, as suggested by experts like the ones over at the Better Health Channel, you will always have a better chance of fully recovering from a knee injury if you get medical attention early.

Many kinds of injuries (especially those people suffer after a serious incident like a car crash) don’t show up for weeks, months, or even years after the incident that caused them! Sometimes it’s because of the adrenaline that masked the pain in the moment, and other times it’s simply because the injury itself just took a while to show up.

But, don’t utter things to yourself like “Oh, I’m just getting older…” or “This kind of pain is normal for folks my age…”, because deciding to accept and live with ongoing knee pain is just not the smart long or short-term decision…especially when your dedicated local Santa Cruz chiropractors are right down the road from you to help!

Contact Your Santa Cruz Chiropractor for Knee Pain

If your knee (or knees) have been bothering you lately, give us a call today at Sawyer Chiro to set up a visit. You may or may not need invasive surgery but, in the meantime, a chiropractor can help you with where you are right now with your injury, and help you determine what the next steps should be, if any are needed at all. 

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