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Why Do Office Workers Complain About Body Pain?

body pain from work

Since more people have started working from home offices nowadays, many of them who used to be much more physically active (especially if their job required them to do some lifting and pulling throughout the day) are finding themselves experiencing body pains that they didn’t before. As a result, many of these folks are now considering calling on a reputable chiropractor to see what’s going on with their body. 

All that being said, let’s take a quick look at why office work can possibly be worse on your body than the regularly attended-to daily physical tasks you used to do.

I’m Just At My Desk…So Why Does My Body Hurt?

Healthline ran a piece a while ago on some of the things that can happen to an inactive body over time. These are some of the things that office workers have been dealing with for years, and what brand new at-home workers are just beginning to learn about!

For example, the most obvious thing that could happen is weight gain. But, your muscles that you suddenly stopped using will also become weaker, notably your lower body muscles like the calves and thighs. This is because you don’t stand as much as you used to. 

Still, one of the most frequent complaints is about bad back pain, and this comes from sitting without good posture. Most people start out sitting up straight, but eventually will begin to slump after being in front of the computer for a while, which can cause spinal disc damage.

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