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What Happens Post Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic can improve a person’s health long-term. But what happens immediately after the adjustment? It is different from person-to-person.

Some people feel sore after an adjustment. Others have immediate relief. If you experience relief, that’s great! You should monitor the problem and visit your chiropractor again if the pain comes back.

You may feel stiffness that is not residing at the original sore point after an adjustment. Often, when your spine is aligned, it calls attention to new stressors. For example, your adjustment in your lower back may cause soreness in your hip. The new tenderness is usually gone within a day.

You can resume normal activities within one or two days of your chiropractic adjustment. Speak with your chiropractor to determine a plan that works best for you. Chiropractic plans vary depending on the severity of the injury. Your chiropractor may want you to return every week or month. Doctor Sawyer Chiropractic is an experienced chiropractor in Santa Cruz, California.

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