October 27

How Often Should I Go to the Chiropractor?

There is no set number for the recommended visits of chiropractic treatment. Everyone is different. Additionally, the number of visits vary depending on injury, body pains, activity level, and more. It is important to speak with an experienced chiropractor to create a plan that works to get you in better health.

Lifestyle and Chiropractor Visits

Rehabilitating from your body pain varies depending on additional factors. Recovering from an injury can often be expedited if you accompany chiropractic with physical therapy. An experienced physical therapist can help you build muscle, strengthen your ligaments, and increase mobility. When you strengthen your body, your chiropractic adjustment is more likely to stay in place. You will have the support of muscles to prevent joints from sliding out of place again. Many chiropractors partner their treatment with physical therapy for the best results. Doing so, also increases recovery time and decreases the amount of chiropractic visits needed.

Sitting can increase the amount of chiropractic visits needed. When you sit for long periods of time, you practice bad posture and spine compression. A chiropractor can correct the imbalances. However, if you continue sitting, you will suffer back pain frequently and need regular chiropractic visits.

Other lifestyle factors that contribute to chiropractic treatment is weight, flexibility, and stress. An experienced chiropractor can address your pain and the lifestyle issues that may be creating the issues. Contact Doctor Sawyer Chiropractic in Santa Cruz, California today. He will create a chiropractic treatment plan individualized to your body.


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