Chiropractic Care for Kids

Children and Chiropractic Care

A child’s nervous system is the control center for all of the organ systems in their growing body. It plays a central role in keeping the body functional and healthy by regulating blood flow, bone growth and brain activity. Stress placed on the spine, or spinal  misalignment, can have serious impacts on a child’s physical and behavioral development. Sawyer Chiropractic Group offers noninvasive, gentle therapy to correct underlying issues before they become permanent.

Does My Child Need Chiropractic Care?

Children's spines can be misaligned without their awareness. They do not always have enough understanding of their bodies to recognize when a subtle chronic issue is developing. Even if they are aware, they might not be able to communicate it directly. Instead their discomfort may manifest as grumpiness, acting out, or frequent crying.There are endless factors that can affect a child’s spinal health over the course of development. Some examples include sitting in front of a computer or TV, playing contact sports, wearing heavy backpacks or even sitting at desks throughout the day. Even during infancy children may be affected from sleeping in awkward positions or taking a tumble. Children’s bodies are in a constant state of growth, and keeping them healthy requires careful attention and maintenance.

How We Handle Chiropractic Care for Kids

Our care begins with an extensive examination to determine the issue and best routes for management. Even if your child is too young to communicate or too shy, we have the skills to identify the source of their discomfort before we proceed with any form of management. If it is determined that intervention is required, the spinal adjustments we make will be gentle and noninvasive. If you feel your child may be experiencing spinal discomfort, contact us for an evaluation.

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