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Can a Chiropractor Treat a Hamstring Injury?

hamstring injury treatment by a chiropractor

Hamstring injuries are ones that chiropractors see more than you may think! If you or someone you know has recently suffered one, here’s some quick info about them.

Hamstring Injuries That a Chiropractor May See

Patient, a health info organization out of England and Wales, is just one of the worldwide international networks of experienced medical professionals that point out hamstring injuries as ones that are most commonly suffered by athletes worldwide, especially those that require the player to stop and start a lot with sudden explosive bursts of speed, such as basketball, rugby, baseball, tennis or football.

Other than the very common injury tendonitis (which according to Medical News Today comes from over extensive use of your hamstrings and can also cause major discomfort in the knees), there are a few levels that we as experienced Santa Cruz chiropractors are all too familiar with when it comes to hamstring injuries. They are:

Grade I

These are the lowest levels of the three. The pain is very uncomfortable because of the sometimes major swelling that makes it hard for the patient to maneuver. But, it’s not because of a major tear in the hamstring, and is more because the person may have extended or overstretched it.

Grade II

There is actually a little tearing of the hamstring on this mid-level strain, one that our chiropractors have seen dozens of times over the years. A person with a Grade II strain will noticeably limp when walking, and their injury will be so sore that they may just throw a punch at you if you even lightly graze that injured area on their body!

Grade III

The most serious of the three, this is where the hamstring is sometimes completely ruptured. It’s so serious, in fact, that the patient could very well need surgery.

Hamstring Injury? Contact Your Seasoned Chiropractors in Santa Cruz!

Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated professional chiropractors at Sawyer Chiro, the premier chiropractic clinic in Santa Cruz, if you have recently suffered a hamstring injury. Don’t worry…we’ll have you back in the game in no time!

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