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Is It Just Back Pain?

back pain

In case you’ve experienced back pain on your lifetime, you’re a part of an overwhelming majority in Santa Cruz. If the pain is coming from a strained muscle, then it will most probably resolve itself within a couple of days of relaxation. If the pain isn’t muscular, well, then you’ve got a larger issue to cope with, probably a spinal disc injury.

These injuries are extremely common and can be particularly debilitating. It’s crucial to know the anatomy of the spine, such as disks. Discs play a massive role in your general spinal health, particularly in circumstances when they’re herniated or thinning because of a degenerative illness like arthritis.

The Spinal Disc

There is a cushion between each of the vertebra called intervertebral discs. They are a cartilage-type composition with a soft gel-like center and a stronger shell encapsulating the entire disc. They’re attached to the vertebrae, acting as a sort of shock-absorber and pillow to help maintain the vertebrae from rubbing together. Not only do they protect against impact, but they play an essential part in keeping the spine elastic and exceptionally powerful.

When a disk is either protruding or bulging, the gel in the middle of this disk is beginning to push against the outer shell or ligamentous wall of this disk, but this wall hasn’t yet been ripped. Statistics show that almost 60 percent of adults have at least one bulging disk, but they’re asymptomatic, meaning they’re not experiencing any signs of pain. When the inside gel starts to rip through the outer ligamentous wall, then the disk has progressed from being considered protruding to herniated. Any bulging or herniation of the disk may lead to nerve irritation, inflammation, possible numbness, and rather frequently, acute pain.

A ruptured disc or disk extrusion is a critical issue that occurs when the inner gel fully tears through the tougher, ligamentous walls of this disk. Since the gel leaks, intense back pain and exceptionally restricted movement may be the result.

Take the first step toward relief and regaining your quality of life! Call our Santa Cruz chiropractic team today to schedule a consultation to understand your condition and discuss how to treat it.

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