Suffering From Neck Pain?

Neck pain may make even the simplest of movements excruciatingly difficult. Immobility caused by neck pain can cause your muscles to become weak and to degenerate over time. Understanding the root cause of your neck pain is a necessary step towards finding the treatment required for recovery. This article article looks at the causes of neck pain and explains how Santa Cruz chiropractic care can be a helpful alternative to conventional therapies.

Neck Pain in Santa Cruz

Although the neck is a relatively small area of the Entire Body, it is Comprised of some complex structures that do the important job of holding your head up. The small size of these vertebrae of the neck allows for a lot of mobility, but can also make the throat more vulnerable to injury and pain. Some of the causes of neck pain include, but are not limited to, poor posture, joint pains, abnormalities of bone structure, muscle strains, and trauma such as whiplash. Most Of these problems are affected by the alignment of your spine or are directly caused by it. When muscles in the throat move into spasm, the backbone becomes pulled out of distress. Because each nerve in the body has its root at the spinal column, difficulties that have their source in the neck can have a large impact across your entire nervous system.

Many people tend to let their spinal problems go uncorrected, hoping that if they wait long enough the pain will go away. In some cases this occurs, but the misalignment that triggered the issue is usually present. Through the years, that region can become aggravated, and the pain may reemerge. If the issue is not corrected, then it can become a lot more serious. Some patients let their conditions escalate to the point that surgery is their only viable choice.

Conventional vs Holistic Treatments

Most commonly, people attempt to take care of their neck pain using prescription or over-the-counter drugs. This might help to ease the symptoms at the short term, however not only are individuals managing unwanted side effects, the underlying problem goes unaddressed. Massage Therapy has become more popular over the last few years and this can help to relieve a muscle stiffness. Unfortunately, In the event that the source of discomfort lies is in the joints or bones, the issue will remain.

Chiropractic therapy is a holistic practice that addresses the structural origin that leads to the vast majority neck pain. After a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation geared toward ruling out additional issues and locating the specific origin of the issue, a personalized recovery program is developed. Mild alterations to the backbone can bring immediate relief and restore long-term well-being to the throat and the full body. Contact our staff Sawyer Chiropractic Group now to prepare a consultation, and put permanent end to your neck pain.

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