Massage Therapy

 Do you want to obtain comfort through massage therapy in the Santa Cruz area? Sometimes the stress that comes with a weekly job is close to unbearable. As stress and anxiety build in your body, so do the side effects that accompany them. For some individuals, health issues such as elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system function, weight gain, and trouble sleeping, have been linked with the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the primary hormone released by the body when it is under a stressful situation. Thankfully, your body also has built-in mechanisms to help you relax that can be stimulated under the right conditions.

Relaxation Through Massage Therapy

Research has revealed there are two main effects of massage treatment -the physical reaction to the massage and the response of the body’s nervous system.  During even a brief massage, the physical manipulation and contact supplied by the massage therapist induces bodily changes that help optimize the flow of blood and lymph. Moreover, pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons permits them to relax, allowing them to function properly.

While this is occurring, tissues begin to relax and, in turn, the nervous system allows the body to engage in a relaxation response. As the body enters this relaxed state, stress on blood vessels diminishes throughout the body. Stress hormones such as cortisol begin to be normalized and regular breathing is restored. At Sawyer Chiropractic Group, we believe that massage therapy is the sole healthcare practice that’s been demonstrated to make these simultaneous effects!

The effects of massage therapy have been shown to last for a prolonged period following the conclusion of the therapy session.  Promoting comfort throughout the body's cells, massage therapy has also been shown to have significant positive psychological consequences. As relaxation begins, cognitive functioning improves, stress declines and endurance improves. All of these changes lead to quicker recovery and improve your well-being.

Meet our Santa Cruz Massage Therapists

Massage Therapist Leslie Romero

Leslie has been a massage therapist since 2012. She provides customized sessions based on the personal needs of patients, bringing them both lasting change, and profound comfort. Clients and physicians alike attain great relief from pain and anxiety through different methods, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Stretching techniques, resulting in an overall healthier experience. Leslie is committed to “walking her talk” when it comes to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  

Massage Therapist Jennifer Moriguchi

  • California Certified Massage Therapist # 67065
  • 1989 Massage Therapist; The Body Therapy Center School of Massage, Palo Alto CA
  • 1992 Natural Health Care Practitioner; Florida School of Massage, Sarasota FL
  • 1998 BS Health and Wellness; Humboldt State University, Arcata CA
  • -2018 – Masters of Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine; University of East West Medicine, Sunnyvale CA

For over 25 years, Jennifer has been practicing both Eastern and Western healing modalities. She has an uncanny ability to map every individual’s pressure points and discharge the distress, thereby heightening vitality and helping the body restore its energy flow.  Utilizing a combination of gentle manipulations and neuromuscular techniques, Jennifer can address individual requirements and preferences. Jennifer feels very fortunate that her work is also her life’s passion! She believes strongly that the advantages of combining Eastern and Western healing techniques permit the body to identify the source of discomfort and help stimulate its own recovery tools. Jennifer provides an assortment of practices to help patients obtain their wellness objectives. Whether you are seeking massage therapy for trauma treatment, overall well-being, senior care or healthcare, Jennifer is excited to help.

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