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Can Your Chiropractors in Santa Cruz Help My Baby With Colic Stop Crying?

crying baby

When your newborn baby is crying like crazy, as a new parent you may initially feel that you are doing something wrong. This is referred to by experts as Irritable Baby Syndrome.

Parenting Science, a popular publication that assists parents with advice on issues such as parental self-control and excessive infant crying, points out that it is wrong to automatically assume that the expected agitation and stress that you inevitably will feel at times with your newborn is a reason that the child is crying so much. 

In fact, you know that you have kept your cool, and have done everything from taking seemingly baby-soothing car rides to holding him or her in a rocking chair repeatedly for hours on end. 

Still, the crying just won’t stop. So, what could possibly be the problem?

What is Colic, And Is That What Makes My Baby Cry So Much?

There are many symptoms of Colic, a condition that the American Pregnancy Association defines as a child who cries “for more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week, for over three weeks” (APA, 2023). It may start off soft, but, when the crying gets worse, it can begin to sound like your newborn is in pain, and there’s a good chance the child may be. 

Chiropractors relieve the nervous system, which is the main controller of our human bodies. So, yes, our experienced Santa Cruz chiropractors are always ready to help with what you may believe could be symptoms of colic.

Contact Our Santa Cruz Chiropractors Today To Relieve Your Infant’s Colic

If you are seeing symptoms like facial discoloration and/or noticeably stiffer limbs in addition to the crying, your baby’s colic may be worse than you think. Call us here at Sawyer Chiropractic today, and we’ll use all of our powers to transform your baby back to his or her natural, happy state. 

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